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76. Lin, Y. H.; Huang, Y. Q.; Gnanasekaran, P.; Lin, Y.-S.; Chow, T. J.; Chang, Y. J.* ”Novel Spiro[fluorene-9,9'-phenanthrene]-10'-one and Spiro-Sulfone-based Small Molecules: An Overview of Recent Application in Optoelectronic Devices”  2023, submited.(Invited review article)



75. Lin, Y.-S.; Chen, N.-H.; Chow, T. J.*; Liu, C.-M.; Chen, C.-P.; Chang, Y. J.* ”Quinoxaline-based hole-transporting materials induce δ-MAPbI3 in MAPbI3 perovskite with efficient defect passivation and improved Power Conversion Efficiency”  2023, submited.(Invited article)




74. Tsiareshyna, Maryia; Wang, Te-Hsin ; Lin, Ying-Sheng; Piorkowski, Dakota; Huang, Sammi Yen-Ting; Huang, Yi-Lun; Chao, Wei-Ting; Chang, Yuan Jay; Liao, Chen-Pan; Wang, Pi-Han; Tso, I-Min ” Bacteria inhabiting spider webs enhance host silk extensibility”  2023, submited.






73. Chandrasekaran, D.; Liou, S.-J.; Chiu, W.-H.; Lee, L.-C.; Lee, K.-M.*; Chou, H.-H.; Chang, Y. J.*; Yen, Y.-S.* ” Ladder-type dihydronaphtho[1,2,3,4-rst]pentaphene as Building Block to Construct Hole-Transporting Materials for Perovskite Solar Cells” J. Power Source, 2023, 581, 233496[SCI] (Impact Factor: 9.2).


72. Wu, J.-M.; Lee, T.-C.; Chung, C.-C.; Chen, W.-Y.; Lin, Y.-D.; Chang, Y. J.; Lu, C.-W.*; Chang, C.-H.* ” Toward ultra-high efficiency tandem OLEDs: Benzothiazole-based bipolar hosts and specific device architectures” Chem. Eng. J. 2023, 472, 145023. [SCI] )Impact Factor: 15.1).








71. Chiu, H. H.; Jing, B.-H.; Wang, H.-C.; Su, X.-M.; Kang, Y.-H.; Su, Y.-W.;Shih, H.-S.; Chen, C.-P.*; Chang, Y. J.*” Indolocarbazole-based Small Molecules as Guest Donors for High-Performance Ternary Organic Photovoltaics” Chem. Eng. J. 2023, 469, 143938. [SCI] )Impact Factor: 16.744).

70. Lin, Y.-S.; Chen, N.-H.; Chen, Y.-R.; Kalidass, K.; Cheng, H.-Y.; Venkatakrishnan, P.*; Chow, T. J.*; Chang, Y. J.* ” Novel Hole Transporting Materials based on Cyclopentadithiophene for Perovskite Solar Cells” Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology, 2023, 16, 100189. (Invited article)


69. Lin, Y.-H.; Lin, W.-H.; Huang, Y.-S.; Wu, C.-H.; Gnanasekaran, P.; Chang, Y.-M.; Teng, S.-W.; Lu, C.-W.*; Chang, C.-H.*; Chang, Y. J.* Highly-efficient (EQE >27%) Yellow OLEDs using Spiro[fluorene‐9,9′‐phenanthren‐10′‐one]- Carbazole -Based Donor-Acceptor-Donor Host MaterialsJ. Mater. Chem. C, 2023, 11, 3101-3111. [SCI] )Impact Factor: 8.067).


68. Yiu, T.-C.; Gnanasekaran, P.; Chen, W.-L.; Lin, W.-H.; Lin, M.-J.; Wang, D.-Y.; Lu, C.-W.; Chang, C.-H.*; Chang, Y. J.* ” Multifaceted Sulfone-Carbazole-Based D–A–D Materials: A Blue Fluorescent Emitter as a Host for Phosphorescent OLEDs and Triplet–Triplet Annihilation Up-conversion Electroluminescence” ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2023, 15, 1748-1761.

 [SCI] )Impact Factor: 10.383).



67. Keng-Fang Hsu, Shih-Po Su, Hsiu-Feng Lu, Ming-Ho Liu, Yuan Jay Chang, Yi-Jang Lee, Huihua Kenny Chiang, Chao-Ping Hsu, Chin-Wei Lu, and Yang-Hsiang Chan ” TADF-Based NIR-II Semiconducting Polymer Dots for In Vivo 3D Bone Imaging”  Chem. Sci., 2022, Advance Article.[SCI] )Impact Factor: 9.969).

66. Hsieh, C.-M.; Hsiao, H.-C.; Yamada, Y.; Wu, W.-R.; Jeng, U.-S.; Su, C.-J.*; Lin, Y.-S.; Murata, M.*; Chang, Y. J.*; Chuang, S.-C.* ” Promoting the Efficiency and Stability of Nonfullerene Organic Photovoltaics by Incorporating Open-Cage [60]Fullerenes in the Nonfullerene Nonocrystallites” ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2022, 14, 34, 39109–39119. [SCI] )Impact Factor: 10.383).

65. Yang, L.-X.; Cho, C.-H.; Tsai, Y.-T.; Chin, Y.-C.; Yu, J.; Chen, Y.-R.; Pan, H.-M.; Jiang, W.-R.; Huang, W.-S.; Chiu, Y.-L.; Sun, C.-K.; Chen, C.-H.*; Chang, Y. J.*; Huang, C.-C.*; Liu, T.-M.* ” Universal strategy to fabricate single- and multi-photo NIR chromophore nanoparticles by filling organic emitters into water-soluble polymer nano-sponge” J. Nanobiotechnology, 2022, 20, 311. [SCI] (Impact Factor: 10.435).


64. Gowdru, S. M.; Lin, J.-C.; Wang, S.-T.; Chen, Y.-C.; Wu, K.-C.; Jiang, C.-N.; Chen, Y.-D.; Li, S.-S.*;  Chang, Y. J.; Wang, D.-Y.*; “Accelerated Formation of 2D Ruddlesden—Popper Perovskite Thin Films by Lewis Bases for High Efficiency Solar Cell Applications” Nanomaterials. 2022, 12, 1816. [SCI] (Impact Factor: 5.719).






63. Chang, Y.-J.; Yang, J.-S.*;  Chang, Y. J.; Chow, T. J.*; “Biphenylvinylene quinolinol derivatives and their light-emitting properties” J. Chin. Chem. Soc. 2022, 69, 1504-1518. [SCI] (Impact Factor: 1.967).

62. Chiu, Y.-L.; Li, C.-W.; Kang, Y.-X.; Lin, C.-W.; Lu, C.-W.; Chen, C.-P.*; Chang, Y. J.* ” Dual-Functional Enantiomeric Compounds as Hole Transporting Materials and Interfacial Layer in Perovskite Solar Cells” ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces2022,14, 26135-26147. [SCI] )Impact Factor: 10.383).

61. Watanabe, M.*; Ono, Y.; Ishihara, T.; Chang, Y. J.Shibahara, M.*; ” [2.2]- and [3.3]Paracyclophane as bridging units in organic dyads for visible-light-driven dye-sensitized hydrogen production” Chem. Eur. J. 2022, 28, e202200790.[SCI] )Impact Factor:5.236).


60. Hsieh, C.-M.; Chung, M.-R.; Yamada, Y.; Su, C.-J.; Chang, Y. J.*; Murata, M.*; Jeng, U.-S.*; Chuang, S.-C.* "p-Tetrafluorophenylene divinylene-Bridged Nonfullerene Acceptors as Binary Components and Additives for High-efficiency Organic Solar Cells" ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 2021, 13, 61437-61486. ( [SCI] )Impact Factor: 10.383).


59. Lin, Y.-S.; Li, H.; Wang, L. H.; Lin, Y.-H.; Chow, T. J.*; Chang, Y. J.* ” Spiro-sulfone-based auxiliary acceptor in D-A-π-A dye-sensitized solar cells application under indoor/outdoor light” Asian J. Org. Chem., 2021, 10, 3396-3405. [SCI] (Impact Factor: 3.319).

58. Guo, M.; Lin, C.-Y.; Liu, S.-J.; Chang, Y. J.*; Li, Y.*; Wei, M.* "D-A-π-A Organic Sensitizers Surface Passivation for Efficient and Stable Perovskite Solar Cells” J. Mater. Chem. A2021,9, 25086-25093. [SCI] (Impact Factor: 14.511).

57. Chandrasekaran, D.; Chiu, Y.-L.; Yu, C. K.; Yen, Y.-S.*; Chang, Y. J.* ” Polycyclic Arenes Dihydrodinaphthopentacene-based Hole-Transporting Materials for Perovskite Solar Cells Application” Chem. Asian J. 2021, 16, 3719-3728.[SCI] (Impact Factor: 4.568).

56. Patil, S. B.; Liu, T.-R.; Chou, H. L.*; Huang, Y.-B.; Chang, C.-C.; Chen, Y.-C.; Lin, Y.-S.; Li, H.; Lee, Y.-C.; Chang, Y. J.; Lai, Y.-H.; Wen, C.-Y.; Wang, D.-Y.* “Electrocatalytic Reduction of NO3− to Ultrapure Ammonia on {200} Facet Dominant Cu Nanodendrites with High Conversion Faradaic Efficiency J. Phys. Chem. Lett., 2021, 12 (33), 8121-8128.[SCI] (Impact Factor: 6.475).

55. Chuang, J.; Chang, C.-W.;  Chang, Y. J.; Chou, P.-T.; Wen, Y,-S.; Liu, C.-Y.*; Chou, T.-C.*; Chow, T. J.*; “Synthesis of rod-shaped dipolar compounds for the study of long-range electronic interactions” J. Chin. Chem. Soc. 2021, 68, 2211-2223.[SCI] (Impact Factor: 1.967).


54. Chang, Y. M.; Li, C.-W.; Lu, Y.-L.; Wu, M,-S.; Li, H.; Lin, Y.-S.; Lu, C.-W.*; Chen, C.-P.*; Chang, Y. J.*  “Spherical hole transporting interfacial layer passivated defect for inverted NiOx-based planar perovskite solar cells with high efficiency over 20%” ACS Appl. Mater. Interface 2021,13, 6450-6460.[SCI] (Impact Factor: 10.383).

53. Lin, Y.-S.; Li, H.; Yu, W.-S.; Wang, S.-T.; Chang, Y.-M.; Liu, T.-H.; Li, S.-S.*; Watanabe, M.; Chiu, H.-H.; Wang, D.-Y.; Chang, Y. J.* ”[2.2]Paracyclophane-Based Hole-Transporting Materials for Perovskite Solar Cells”

J. Power Source, 2021, 491, 229543.[SCI] (Impact Factor: 9.794).


52. Patil, S. B.; Chou, H. L.; Chen, Y.-M.; Hsieh, S.-H.; Chen, C.-H.; Chang, C.-C.; Li, S.-R.; Lee, Y.-C..; Lin, Y.-S.; Li, H.; Chang, Y. J.; Lai, Y.-H.; Wang, D.-Y.* “Enhanced N2 affinity of 1T-MoS2 with a unique pseudo-six-membered ring consisting of N–Li–S–Mo–S–Mo for high ambient ammonia electrosynthesis performance” J. Mater. Chem. A, 2021,9, 1230-1239.[SCI] (Impact Factor: 14.511).

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